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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pilocytic Astrocytoma- my son's Brain Tumor

My son Blair started vomiting in the mornings shortly after he would wake up.  The doctors could not figure out why this was happening.  First they thought milk allergy, then dairy.  This went on for about 6-weeks.  We finally got a appointment with a specialist at Tacoma, Mary Bridge Hospital.  He ordered a head CT.  Within minutes they knew what was wrong with our little boy.  My husband & I knew something was wrong when they brought us into a room with no one else around.  The doctor came into the room, told us that they found a large mass on our son's brain. We then got taken over to the ICU.  From there decided to go to Seattle Children's Hospital.  We were told the tumor was in his cerebellum and looked to be the size of a womens fist.
Blair's first surgery was that night, December 8th, 2010

That night they put in a temporary Shunt to help drain the spinal fluid that was building up in his head.  He came out of that surgery like a champ!  Our good friends brought him in a "Pillow Pet" which he just loved to cuddle with.  The "Pillow Pet" is probably the best gift to get a child in the hospital.
The next day they performed a 8 hour surgery to remove the Brain Tumor.  It felt like the longest day of our lives!  The team of doctors were able to remove Blair's Brain Tumor!  This picture above is a couple days after the surgery.  His brother Ryder is holding his hand.

Friends got to come visit as he got stronger each day.
 His first walk around with mommy & daddy!
Day by day Blair was getting better & stronger.  After his surgery he ended up with an extreme under bite.  The doctors thought that his jaw got locked up, over time it would go back to normal. Today he got to enjoy his first solid meal.  Of course he chose McDonald's!
Today we get to go home.........
 This is Aimee with the Child Life Department.  She brings special gifts to kids everyday to make them feel better.  She has been holding onto something special for Blair to give to him today.

 Yes! Buzz Lightyear!
 Thank you Aimee!
(Hi I am Blair, I had a brain tumor, but don't anymore. The doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital saved my life.  I get to go home today!)
Blair just had his 6th Birthday in February.  You can see in my blog, "Welcome Jedi's" that he is doing extremely well, feels & looks so much better!  Our experience at Seattle Children's Hospital was awesome!  We could not have been in a better place. 

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