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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ryder Michael

Ryder just turned 2 years old, April 26th! He is so full of life and energy......he can say the cutest little words.......He wants to be like brother and with him all the time! He has a way to melt everyones heart he is around. Love you Ryder!

Blair's First Race! May 8th, 2010

Blair is racing in a go-kart class, called "Kids Karts", the ages are from 5-8yrs old. After 8 he will move up to the "Junior 1" class. His races are held at the Puget Sound Go Karting Assciation off of Mountian Hwy. It is free to watch or $10 a person for a all day pit pass.

It was so amazing to watch Blair get into his go-kart....with no hesitation, ready to go!! Thumbs up buddy! He has meet new little friends & loves going around & around the track! His Orange plate means that he is a "Rookie" , I think after 1-year of racing it gets to come off. I guess in my world that would mean another party!!

He wanted to be #4, just like his uncle Johnny!